Friday, January 18, 2008

Duke role in "G.I." Joe Up for Grabs

With Australian actor Sam Worthington out of the running due to commitments to James Cameron's Avatar, three leading Hollywood hunks names are being mentioned to take over a key role in the upcoming "G.I. Joe" film adaptation.

Matthew Fox, Chris Evans and Channing Tatum are all being mentioned as candidates for the role of Duke, though Evans seems to be the winning choice amongst fanboy opinions. 

Duke is the code name of First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser. He is field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. He is one of the key characters of G.I. Joe and a fan-favorite. He is generally regarded by fans as a main character, despite not appearing in the comic series for a number of issues, nor was he one of the original toys. Latino Review

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