Sunday, February 24, 2008

"X Files" Updates, Teaser

The X-Files fans who attended WonderCon saw both the first glimpse of footage from X-Files 2, and heard David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, director Chris Carter, and writer Frank Spotnitz talk about the movie.
Some of the updates included the news that the series' composer Mark Snow will be back doing the score for the movie and actors Amanda Peet and Xzibit have joined the cast in important FBI agent roles as well. As for story details, everyone involved is very tight lipped, not letting anything slip. When asked about whether it might involve the apocalypse in 2012 in some way, Carter wasn’t quite clear, but he didn’t deny it. Carter was also asked whether the recurring character Alex Krycek would be back even though he supposedly died in the series, he simply said that " no one is ever really dead in the X-Files." Apparently they're going to keep the entire story a secret, even to the cast members, so despite all the predictions and so-called leaks, don’t trust anything until you see the film.
X-Files 2 is directed by X-Files creator Chris Carter and co-written by both Carter and show regular Frank Spotnitz. The film will be in theaters July 25. Below is the title-less teaser for the film, which debuted at WonderCon

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